'Guys, we need to turn our data off. We’re getting charged for using it outside the EU.’ ‘But we need a map.’ ‘Let’s just find tourist information.’ ‘But we don’t have a map.’ ‘It’ll be near the ferry terminal, surely…’ ‘And we need to exchange our euros for dirham.’ ‘Can you guys see anywhere? I … Continue reading Tangier


'Catch the ferry, go up this hill and take a picture from here,’ she explained. ‘Make sure you get the bridge in. People will be like, ‘oh my God, wow, when did you go to San Francisco?’’ It was too good to resist. Days later, I slung off my rucksack, eased onto a wooden fence … Continue reading Lisbon


I visited Bilbao in March 2018 while completing a Spanish course in nearby Donostia-San Sebastián. Bilbao is a medium-sized city in the Basque Country region of northern Spain. It became a major centre for heavy industry from the 17th century onwards. A brief but dramatic decline in the 1980s triggered an equally dramatic revival. Bilbao is … Continue reading Bilbao